EP 50 – Labor Peace Is Not In Our Interest

This week’s episode is a heavy one as we cover some of the harshest consequences of the pandemic faced by workers. We start on a happy note, following up on nursing home workers winning their demands and avoiding a strike in Connecticut after the governor had threatened to use the National Guard as scabs. We then move to New York for two stories on gig workers, one covering draft legislation which would force workers into two toothless state-approved unions with no ability to strike, another covering the grassroots organizing efforts of gig workers themselves to fight for better working conditions in NYC. Next we discuss an investigation into the murder by neglect of nearly a dozen migrant workers at a Seneca Foods green bean facility in Wisconsin during the height of the pandemic, and how every level of power, from the company to the legislature to the state OSHA worked together to sacrifice these workers for increased profits. Also this week, the AFL-CIO has announced their long awaited report on how to handle police unions, and finish off with the unionization of 17,000 workers in the University of California system.


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