Ep 66 – Collectivize Colectivo feat. Ethan (Invent the Future/Red Game Table)

Our rotating cast continues this week as Lina is back but John is out and we have our first recurring guest, Ethan from Invent the Future and Red Game Table, back on the show. We start out covering the NLRB dismissing complaints from striking Warrior Met coal miners about vehicles striking their picket lines for “lack of evidence” despite numerous videos. Then, we cover a couple international stories with workers in Colombia returning to the streets to protest proposed austerity measures as well as sugarcane farmers in India blocking highways and railroads to win higher purchase prices for their crops from the government. Also this week, after a nearly 5 month delay workers at Colectivo Coffee have won their election to become the largest café workers union in the country, and a new union drive at Starbucks has started with Starbucks Workers United aiming to organized over 20 stores in the Buffalo area. Finally, window washers in Minneapolis have successfully struck for higher wages and state certified safety training for their vital, dangerous jobs.

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