Ep 71 – AI: Algorithmic Imperialism

Our first story this week is following up with Automobile Mechanics Local 701 in Chicago, where hundreds of mechanics have narrowly agreed to end their 8 week long strike and accept a new contract. Then we discuss a package of reforms passed in New York City to address some of the most egregious aspects of gig work for delivery drivers. We also cover harsh working conditions and intimidation at the El Milagro tortilla company in Chicago, where workers faced a lockout after demanding better treatment. While some listeners may be aware of the often exaggerated claims made by companies about their use of “AI” in the products, this week we cover how often times the work is actually being done by refugees for extremely low wages. This week also saw a huge action by the Indian Farmers’ movement, which shut down transit and commerce across the country in a 10 hour general strike. Finally, in an example of the power of the threat of the strike even on a smaller scale, concessions workers at Oracle Park in San Francisco have been able to force their employer to grant them the fair wages and benefits they deserve.

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