Ep 73 – Deere Season

John’s under the weather this week, and Lina and Dan start off with a follow up on the IATSE strike, where a tentative agreement was reached by the bargaining committee over the weekend but may not be ratified when the membership gets to vote. We also check in with Starbucks Workers United as the company has closed two of the stores that had been attempting to unionize, while insisting that it has nothing to do with the union drive. Also this week, Netflix employees plan a walkout after an organizer with the company’s Trans Employee Resource Group was fired in the wake of worker complaints about the handling of the recent Dave Chappelle special. Over 160,000 workers in South Africa’s biggest union are on strike for fairer wages, and threaten to completely shut down the country’s lucrative auto parts industry. The biggest US strike of the year so far is underway as 10,000 UAW workers at John Deere are on the picket lines in three states, and the company is struggling to find enough scabs to keep plants open. Finally, we discuss the announcement of the first union in the tabletop gaming industry, Paizo Workers United.

John Deere Strike Fund: https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-john-deere-strike

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