EP 78 – Mass Struggle Gets The Goods

The holidays are right around the corner but the class struggle never stops.  We start this weeks episode checking in with the Amazon Labor Union in New York, where issues with turnover and vicious union busting have forced the union to temporarily withdraw their NLRB election petition.  14,000 Kroger workers in Houston have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike, which could start as soon as this week.  We finally got the results of the Teamsters election this week and it’s a landslide victory for Teamsters United and the TDU, with big implications for the struggle against UPS and Amazon in the coming years.  OSHA continues to serve its function running cover for corporations this week after they issued an insultingly small fine to Smithfield for inadequate safety measures during the pandemic.  Our big story this week, in one of the most inspiring victories of the year the Indian Farmers’ Movement has succeeded in forcing Modi and the BJP to announce the repeal of the three neoliberal farm laws that they’ve been fighting against for well over a year.  Finally, UPMC workers in Pittsburgh staged a one day strike last week demanding living wages, safe staffing, and health care that doesn’t leave them with mountains of medical debt.

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