Ep 79 – And More US Slavery

We weren’t able to line up everyone’s schedules this week so it’s just Lina and Dan on this week’s episode of Work Stoppage. We start with the Kellogg’s strike, where a new tentative agreement has been reached to potentially end the two month long strike. Next we discuss the international effort to reign in Amazon’s labor abuses with strikes around the world on Black Friday organized by the Make Amazon Pay coalition. Then we talk about yet another horrific example of modern slavery, this time with the breaking of a ring of trafficking and abuse of migrant workers in Georgia here in the US. We also cover the recent spate of sickouts, unionizations, strikes, and protests amongst school bus drivers all across the country, as they face paltry wages, chaotic schedules, and few safety protections. Finally, the art world has seen a surge in workplace organizing since the beginning of the pandemic, with visitor staff, creative workers, security guards, and many others uniting to fight back against the massive disparity in pay between the workers that keep museums running and the rich boards that direct them.

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