Overtime Episode 9 PREVIEW – The Repressive State Apparatus Pt 2 – Operations Gladio & Condor

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On the second part of our Overtime series on the history of the US repressive state apparatus, we discuss its extension to attack working class movements overseas in Operation Gladio and Operation Condor.  We discuss how in the aftermath of World War 2, the United States organized, armed, and trained fascist terrorist groups to act as “stay behind” armies, ostensibly in preparation for a Soviet invasion of Western Europe.  In reality, these groups were primarily used to target the domestic population of their countries and suppress any left wing or workers movement deemed too friendly to communism by the CIA.  We also discuss the extension of the CIA’s secret war against the working class to Latin America via the organization of a trans-national network of intelligence agencies connecting the fascist military dictatorships they brought to power.  We cover how these security agencies erased borders in their murderous quest to destroy any movement deemed “subversive” and a threat to United States interests. These massive secret operations left tens of thousands dead, and no one in the US has ever been held accountable for orchestrating them. We go over what lessons we can draw from the lengths the US national security state is willing to go to maintain its dominance over the world’s resources, and how these tactics have evolved into operations being carried out today.

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