Overtime Episode 11 PREVIEW – The Repressive State Apparatus Pt 4 – The Imperial Boomerang

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In the final episode of our series on the history of the US repressive state apparatus, we discuss some of its major developments on the homefront during the last 20 years. We cover the massive rise in state surveillance and attacks on the Muslim community in the wake of 9/11. Also the rise of intelligence sharing “Fusion Centers”, pulled straight from the CIA’s coordinating role in Operation Condor. We go over the creation and massive expansion of ICE and the Department of Homeland Security, the vicious repression of Indigenous land and water defenders protesting DAPL, Line 3, and other pipelines, and the string of suspicious deaths of leaders of the uprising in Ferguson. Finally, we close out the series summing up the lessons we can apply in our organizing today from this history, and what inspiration we can draw from the movements that have resisted the repressive apparatus over the last century.

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