Ep 90 – Gig Nurses, Lean Railways

This week we begin following up with our friends at Student Workers of Columbia who have finally ratified their first contract after a years’ long struggle for recognition.  Next we discuss the recent developments in the healthcare industry where several companies are attempting to apply the gig model to nursing.  Issues have been brewing in the rail industry for years as companies have slashed workforces to raise profits, and recently 17,000 workers voted to authorize a strike after BNSF unilaterally imposed a draconian attendance policy, but the workers have been blocked from striking by the courts.  We check in on the union drive in Bessemer where ballots for the re-do election go out this week and Amazon’s union busting continues unabated.  Amazon workers are also organizing in NYC, where Amazon Labor Union has re-filed for election at the JFK8 warehouse as the NLRB alleges Amazon’s union busting has broken the law.  Finally, workers have filed for the first union election at REI in Manhattan, as yet another “progressive, liberal company” shows its true colors in refusing voluntary recognition. 

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