Ep 100 – Scabs Aren’t Seaworthy

We start this week’s episode of Work Stoppage checking in on the fallout from P&O Ferries illegally laying off their entire workforce without warning.  Three weeks later and their fleet is still out of service, leading to massive shipping and travel delays in the UK. Next we discuss the end of the striking IBEW workers at WTTW, where the three week strike seems to have ended largely in defeat with a concession filled contract.  25,000 healthcare workers in Finland are on strike, demanding fair wages and an end to short staffing.  We cover the police raid on the headquarters of the Unione Sindacale di Base in Italy after they have led several anti-imperialist protests. Then we discuss the potential move by the NLRB to ban captive audience meetings and what the general outlook of the labor movement should be to NLRB rulings.  We had another major victory for organizing in higher education this week, as 4000 MIT graduate students voted to unionize with the UE.  Finally, we do our weekly check-in with Starbucks Workers United, where workers have won an incredible nine more union elections over the past week, bringing their total to 18 recognized union stores.

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