Shop Floor Discussion 3 PREVIEW – Amazon Labor Union: Lessons Learned from JFK8

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On April 1, the Amazon Labor Union won one of the most historic labor victories in the US in decades.  Despite the enormous difference in resources, the ALU was able to defeat one of the richest, most anti-union corporations in the world.  This is such a momentous development, we thought it would be important to try and learn as much as possible from their incredible work.  So in this Shop Floor Discussion, we discuss the ways that the ALU’s campaign differed from traditional union organizing campaigns.  We go over their commitment to worker-led, rank-and-file organizing, the way they embraced the diversity of the JFK8 workforce and made it a strength, how they used every tactic possible to get their messaging out, and how their adaptability and willingness to go beyond the scope of traditional tactics helped them succeed. While there’s no single blueprint that can be copied from one workplace to another, there’s a lot that the ALU’s success can teach us about how to successfully organizing in today’s harsh labor environment.  If we want to revive the US labor movement, we would be wise to learn from this amazing upset.

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