Ep 103 – Organize the Fruit Stands

We start this week’s episode of Work Stoppage with some tough news, as the organizing drive at the LDJ5 facility by the ALU was defeated 62%-38% in their election.  The same week, OSHA refused to do anything to Amazon after they murdered six of their workers in last year’s tornado, while at the same time Amazon has now dropped any covid protections for their workers.  Meanwhile, Delta is feeling the heat from the ongoing organizing efforts among their flight attendants, announcing new benefits to try and head off the surging union support.  We also discuss the continuing fight for independent unions in Mexico, where another auto parts plant has voted to throw out the old company union and replace it with a worker led one.  Canadian chain Freshii’s has been testing a pilot program where they replace their cashiers with remote workers in the Global South in order to evade Canadian labor law and profit from superexploitation.  A general strike paralyzed Sri Lanka last week as workers demand the resignation of the current government, which has responded to their economic crisis by slashing state services.  Workers at a store in Atlanta have filed for the first NLRB election by Apple workers, with several more stores across the country hot on their heels.  Finally, the Starbucks victories don’t stop rolling in and it’s getting hard to keep track when there have been over 20 elections since our last episode.

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