Shop Floor Discussion 4 – Starbuck May 2022 PREVIEW

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We’ve tried to cover all the news coming in from the Starbucks Workers United movement on the regular show every week, but this week there was just so much news we had to give it its own episode. We start out covering Howard Schultz committing a ULP on an earnings call by threatening to withhold benefits from unionizing employees. We also cover a recent study showing just how much extra profit Starbucks has raked in during the pandemic, and how little has made it to workers. The NLRB finally responded to Starbucks’ massive illegal union busting campaign this week, filing a flurry of complaints against the company for violations of the NLRA. These suits demand the rehiring of several of the worker organizers that Starbucks has fired in retaliation for unionizing, as well as changes to captive audience meetings and even changes to the Starbucks employee handbook. In weirder news, Oscar nominated actor James Cromwell glued himself to a counter at an NYC Starbucks as part of a PETA protest. Finally, we wrap up with a roundup of the results of the 14 union elections since our last episode.

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