Ep 107 – 100 Unionized Starbucks!

Unfortunately, we’ve got a few setbacks to start the episode this week. First, we follow up with the USW workers at Chevron’s refinery in Richmond, CA, where workers have narrowly approved a new contract that doesn’t meet the main goals their two month long strike set out for. Next, we talk about workers at the unionizing Apple store in Atlanta being forced to withdraw their election petition due to union busting. Also this week, workers at Great Lakes Coffee in Detroit have been on strike for recognition of their union for three months, and rather than recognize it and reopen a profitable location, the owners decided to close the store. Workers with Amazonians United held a walkout this past week in Chicago to demand the reinstatement of a recently fired Black worker who had faced racial discrimination on the job. 600 Planned Parenthood workers in six states have filed to unionize with the SEIU, and hopefully we don’t see a repeat of the organizations 2017-18 union busting. Workers at America’s Test Kitchen in Boston are unionizing because for many, they spend all day making recipes they could never afford to eat. Finally, we close out with our Starbucks Workers United update, as many workers struck or walked out over Memorial Day weekend, and the movement crossed the 100 union store threshold.

Leesburg Strike Fund: https://www.gofundme.com/f/leesburgbaristas

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