Ep 109 – Without Workers, Nothing Moves

It’s shaping up to be a hot labor summer out there, we’ve got union busting, we’ve got strikes, we’ve got unions working together on this week’s episode of Work Stoppage.  First we check in on the union drive at Trader Joe’s in Massachusetts, where the company has started its union busting campaign by violating the Button Clause of the NLRA.  Next, we got exciting news this week as Workers United and CWA announced they will be working together on their efforts to unionize Apple Retail stores, starting in NYC.  Truck drivers in South Korea have been on strike for the last week and have paralyzed commerce across the country as they seek fair minimum wages for all truckers.  In LA, workers at the Genwa Korean BBQ chain signed their first contract after a five year organizing drive.  Intelligentsia Coffee workers are joining the union coffee ranks in Chicago, as they have filed for union representation with the IBEW.  Dollar General workers have been fighting back against the atrocious conditions at their stores with protests, walkouts, and mass resignations.  Finally, we check in with the non-stop momentum of the Starbucks Workers United campaign, now pushing 150 unionized stores.

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