Ep 110 – AppleCORE Wins at the Apple Store

Filled with renewed energy from watching some of the amazing panels and speeches at this weekend’s Labor Notes conference, it’s another episode of Work Stoppage.  We start with several follow-ups, first in South Korea, where truckers won their strike and secured an agreement to extend minimum wage protections. Also this week, XPO Logistics truckers at the Port of Los Angeles finally won their NLRB hearing and have been reclassified employees rather than independent contractors and will now have a union election. The Massachusetts Supreme Court struck down a proposed Prop 22 clone this week, in a good move for gig workers in the state. In big news this week, we finally have our first unionized Apple store, as the workers of Towson, Maryland won their election by a 2:1 margin to organize with the Machinists.  Retaliation against ALU organizers continued this week with yet another being fired, the same week as the hearing to determine whether the JFK8 election will be upheld got underway in Arizona. 1450 researchers at the University of Washington voted overwhelmingly to unionize with the UAW after the University refused voluntary recognition last December.  For our big story this week, a massive national strike has been underway in Ecuador as Indigenous groups are leading huge swaths of the working class in protest of the right wing government. Finally, as usually, we close out with a look at the many Starbucks wins this week, even as the company continues its failing scorched earth campaign of union busting. 

ALU Hearing Zoom Link: https://www.zoomgov.com/meeting/register/vJIsdeCqrTouHO9YNidbEDeTe2Ea38X-NqU 
Passcode: 968885

No Contract, No Coffee Pledge to Support Starbucks Workers: https://crm.broadstripes.com/ctf/SJID0H

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