Ep 113 – People’s Palace Pool Party

Workers are flexing their power all over, and we start this week with a quick update on the situation in Sri Lanka, where the people have had enough and stormed the presidential palace this weekend, chasing the government from power. Next we have a check-in on the Planned Parenthood workers in Massachusetts, who have voted nearly unanimously to join the SEIU this week. Also this week, the ABK Workers Alliance is planning a major walkout to fight gender inequity at Activision. In Mexico, the independent union movement continues to spread and help empower workers, now moving to the agricultural sector. We had another major national strike in Latin America this week, this time in Panama, where like so many other places workers are demanding something be done to address the inflation and cost of living crisis. Back in the US, workers at REI in Berkeley, California have joined the union wave. The ALU has expanded its efforts to unionize Amazon to multiple other organizing drives this week, including one just outside of Albany. Finally, we close with our weekly Starbucks update as the union movement nears 200 stores.

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