Ep 114 – Your Boss is Not Your Friend

Lina is away so it’s just John and Dan on this week’s episode of Work Stoppage. We start out with the Medieval Times workers in New Jersey who have won their union…and immediately got threats from the company to not bargain in good faith.  Next we discuss the Verizon Retail union movement expanding to stores in Portland and Flint, Michigan. We have yet another case of a “progressive” coffee chain trying to stop its workers from unionizing, this time Heine Brothers in Louisville, Kentucky.  We also discuss the state of the struggle by railway workers to be able to strike for better working conditions, as once against the government has intervened using the Railway Labor Act.  Workers at the Guttmacher Institute won their union nearly unanimously this week, but faced immediate retaliation. Guides at Yellowstone National Park have been fighting for a union in the face of vicious repression by the private contractor who employs them and uses the park as a 21st century company town.  Finally, we do our weekly update on the Starbucks Workers United movement, where repression continues to escalate, but so do the ways workers are fighting back.

Guttmacher Institute Petition: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/guttmacher-union-busting 

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