PREVIEW: Work Stoppage 2022 Year In Review

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It’s the last show of the year, and what better way to finish out 2022 than by reviewing some of the biggest stories in labor over the course of the year. We go back through the year’s worth of stories to highlight some of the biggest trends, from the explosive growth of the Starbucks Workers United movement and the first unionized Amazon warehouse in the US to the betrayal of the rail workers by President Biden. We discuss the surge in organizing in academia, new unions that emerged in retail, and the strike wave that broke out across the UK in response to the cost of living crisis.  We review our predictions from last year, see how we did, and make some new ones for 2023.  Finally of course, we cap off 2022 discussing some of our favorite memes of the year. 

Happy Holidays to all our listeners! May next year see an even bigger growth in workers organizing to fight back against their exploitation on the job!

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