Overtime Episode 30 PREVIEW – Unions and The Mob: Reputation vs Reality Pt 5

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In the fifth episode of our new series examining historical allegations of union corruption and relations with organized crime, we discuss Jimmy Hoffa’s tenure as president of the Teamsters. We discuss how while on the one hand, Hoffa negotiated some of the best contracts Teamster workers had ever had, he also stole an enormous amount of money from the rank and file. We cover the many criminal trials Hoffa faced during the 1960s, especially the two he was eventually convicted in. We also take a quick detour to interrogate the various theories of Hoffa’s alleged involvement in the JFK assassination.

In the final episode of this part of the series, we will discuss Hoffa’s imprisonment, his ouster from the Teamsters, his fight to regain his old leadership post, and his eventual disappearance. We will close out discussing Hoffa’s legacy and impact on the Teamsters today and the labor movement more broadly.

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