Ep 144 – No Child Should Have to Work

VU Mexico Workers Strike Fund: https://www.atcf.org/solidarity_fund 

We are forced into discussing major current events this week as the mainstream media is more worried about weather balloons than a major train derailment and chemical spill. We follow that up with an update on the victory of the striking DHL workers in Pawtucket, RI. Also this week, HarperCollins workers reached a tentative agreement on a deal to end their 66 day strike. We also get into the recently released national labor data for 2022 and what that means for the state of the labor movement. Workers in Mexico continue to stand up to company unions, and Saint Gobain auto glass workers there recently won a new union in face of violent threats. Starbucks was in the news for illegally firing workers again, this time after a worker was forced to come in despite testing positive for Covid. Politicians in Iowa this week are reviving the bad days of the 19th century and trying to get kids back to work in the mines and slaughterhouses. Finally, we round out a packed episode with the announcement of two new academic organizing drives in Boston at Northeastern and Harvard.

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