Ep 145 – The State’s Not On Our Side

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We start this week’s episode checking in with the strike at Temple University, which may end this week as workers are voting on a potential agreement. We got big news that the country’s longest strike at Warrior Met coal appears to be heading for an end as the union proposed returning to work. Recent attacks on farm workers in California have exposed the horrific living conditions these vital laborers face in our racist system. Tesla workers in Buffalo launched a union push with Workers United last week and faced immediate retaliation. Medieval Times workers in Buena Park, CA have struck against the company’s illegal retaliation for unionizing. The owners of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette have sunk so low as to begin suing the city for not being violent enough against picketing workers. A federal judge issued a nationwide injunction against Starbucks’ campaign of illegal retaliatory firings. Education workers in Northern Virginia won the largest new bargaining unit of the year so far. Finally, 3000 grad student workers at USC have joined the academic organizing wave.

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