Movie Time 5 PREVIEW: Hoffa and The Irishman

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As a coda to our recent series on allegations of corruption and mob involvement in the Teamsters, with a special focus on the career of Jimmy Hoffa, we decided that we couldn’t skip out on some of the media portrayals of Hoffa’s story. First we check out Danny Devito’s 1992 biopic, Hoffa, starring Jack Nicholson. Then we discuss Martin Scorsese’s recent 3.5 hour megafilm, The Irishman. For both films, we discuss the ways they track with the real story of Hoffa’s life and disappearance, and the ways they diverge from reality. We compare and contrast the portrayals of Hoffa by Nicholson and Al Pacino, and the two films’ different visions of the union leader. While we do provide a summary of each film before we discuss it, we definitely recommend checking out the recent Hoffa series in order to get all the background before diving into this one.

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