Ep 146 – Running on Empty

A quick update on the Temple grad workers strike, which continues after they voted down the administration’s last contract offer, gets us started this week. We also discuss the awful history of worker treatment and the way companies like Rich Products use drug tests to keep working from reporting injuries. A restaurant owner in Ohio was recently caught more or less enslaving his workforce. Mental health workers in Hawaii recently ended a 6 month strike, fighting Kaiser Permanente’s policy of intentional understaffing. English language voice actors in the anime dubbing industry face an uphill battle for union recognition against Crunchyroll’s near total monopoly. UK junior doctors have joined the mass workers movement, declaring their intention to strike over wages so low they can’t afford to eat. Amazon workers at the company’s air hub in Inland Empire have kept up the fight for a union, and won some important short term victories. Lastly, we get in some discussion of the UAW election as the union finally raised its strike pay to $500 a week, after reversing an earlier vote at last year’s convention that would have done the same.


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