Unions in Vietnam w/ Luna Oi!

This week we were honored to be joined by Luna Oi to educate us on how the trade union system works in Vietnam. We’ve talked about union struggles all over the world, from the US and UK to South Africa, to South Korea and many countries in Latin America. But this is the first time we have been able to speak with someone who has experienced the labor movement in a socialist country. We discuss the history of the labor movement in Vietnam, the relationship between unions and the government, the protections afforded all workers under Vietnamese labor law, how strikes work (and boy do they work!) in a socialist system, and the many rights and benefits that workers in Vietnam have won over the years. It was very inspiring to hear about the incredible progress workers have made since the victory of their revolution and we are so excited to share this conversation with all our listeners.

Check out Luna’s channel, where she has tons of incredible videos on socialism, Vietnamese history, the global class struggle, and even delicious Vietnamese food! Luna can be found on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@Lunaoi.  You can also check out her work on Means TV, and follow her on Twitter at @LunaOi_VN

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