Ep 147 – Death to Imperialism

Labor never stops, and neither do we, it’s another episode of Work Stoppage. We start off with a quick congratulations to the workers at REI in Cleveland who won their union election last week.  We then discuss the results of the UAW election runoff, where the presidential vote remains too close to call. We check in on the situation in Sri Lanka, where the government is trying to sell out the country to the IMF and workers aren’t having it. New horrors continue to come out of the rail disaster in East Palestine, this time we learn that Norfolk Southern execs received bonuses specifically for making trains less safe. Recent revelations of child labor at companies like Hyundai and Packers Sanitation have prompted major media investigations into the practice and found it to be rampant across the country. Laborers in Portland struck last week after their employer, owned by French giant Saint Gobain, tried to force them to work 13 twelve-hour shifts in two weeks. The grad student organizing wave continues to explode, we check in on drives at Minnesota, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Duke. Finally, we discuss the recent major legal ruling against Starbucks’ illegal union busting campaign.

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