Ep 148 – The Billionaire Machine

After some discussion of how refreshing seeing union leaders refuse to take shit from politicians is, this week’s episode of Work Stoppage starts by continuing our look into the expansion of child labor in the US, this time in Arkansas. Next we discuss the mass strike in France to fight against the attack on workers by the neoliberal Macron regime. We also do very quick follow ups on the status of the strike at Temple University and the UAW elections. Faculty at Rutgers voted overwhelmingly last week to authorize what would be the first strike in the schools history. Meanwhile, Duke is trying a novel strategy against the grad student union drive there: claiming grad students aren’t workers and shouldn’t be allowed to unionize anywhere. Democrats in Michigan repealed right to work last week, which is good! But they also refused to allow teachers to strike, which is very bad! Workers across the country continue to face wage theft in the form of being misclassified as “managers” in order to use a loophole to avoid paying overtime. Workers at TCGPlayer became the first unionized employees at eBay this week, despite the company’s union busting. Finally, we discuss the disgusting attack on municipal union retirees in New York City, with workers being stripped of the healthcare they earned after decades of public service.

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