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Ep 149 – Formez Vos Bataillons

Ep 149 – Formez Vos Bataillons

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News just refuses to stay confined to one week periods, so this episode of Work Stoppage is mostly follow ups. We bracket the episode with good news, starting out congratulating the grad student workers of the University of Chicago on their landslide union win. Next we discuss the flagrant retaliation against the brand new union by the bosses at TCGPlayer. In France, Macron has moved to ram his pension reform through by decree, and now only the working class can force him to back down by taking matters into their own hands. We also follow up with the UAW elections, where the Curry team refuses to concede. Violence has broken out on the picket lines at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as two workers were sent to the hospital after being attacked by scabs. A new report shows how the companies using rampant child labor have managed to get some  of their funding from public pension funds. Workers at Caterpillar signed a major new 6 year contract, we break down the bottom line. Finally, workers at Bandcamp have formed a union to preserve working conditions at the one company that actually pays artists for their work.

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