UNLOCKED – Why Rank and File? – Pt 1

Unfortunately due to some major life events and schedule misalignments among the hosts, we weren’t able to get everyone together to record a second show this week. So we’re doing the opposite and unlocking the first episode in last year’s series Why Rank and File? With Shawn Fain and the UAWD taking the helm of the UAW, Sean O’Brien and the TDU having just recently won leadership in the Teamsters, and a growing reform movement within the UFCW aiming to bring democracy to the country’s 5th biggest union, the rank and file union democracy movement is on the upswing. So what better time to let everyone listen to the first part of our series where we dig into exactly why rank and file democracy is so important to the labor movement? 

Patrons, stay tuned for next week when we’ll be starting a series from John on the intersection of trade unionism and cybernetics.

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