Ep 160 – Not a Pizza Party, a Pizza Union

We’re back with another weekly roundup of the labor news. This week was a big one, and after a few quick headlines we discuss developments in the ongoing strike by grad students at the University of Michigan, now facing police harassment at home. Next we get into the biggest story of the week, the Supreme Court’s ruling weakening the right to strike in the Glacier Northwest case. We discuss immediate impacts and how unions can adapt moving forward. REI ramped up union busting this week, threatening to cut pay for workers at the first union location in SoHo. Thousands of workers and even some business owners protested in cities across Florida last week against the state’s new racist immigration law. Over 400 workers for TruStage in Wisconsin struck to force their employer back to the bargaining table. Finally, we close with the story of workers at Barboncino in New York who are poised to become the first union pizza shop in the city.

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