Ep 162 – Only Unions Jobs Are Green Jobs

On this week’s episode of Work Stoppage, Trader Joe’s continues to drag out the process of certification at its Louisville store. Negotiations between the Teamsters and UPS have moved to discussions of economic issues, with only a month to go before a strike. Nearly 2000 nurses struck for a week in Oregon and are now demanding their employer be investigated for hiring professional scabs. Over 1000 UE locomotive makers in Erie, PA have gone on strike to protect their jobs and their working conditions as Wabtec threatens to slash the labor force. We also catch up with the longest strike in digital media which we missed on our break, with writers at Insider winning healthcare coverage the company claimed was unaffordable. Finally, workers at the University of Pittsburgh officially filed to unionize with the Steelworkers and 1100 undergraduate student workers at Western Washington voted near unanimously to join the UAW!

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