Ep 165 – Solidarity Summer

This was another major week in labor as the biggest strike of the year so far kicked off with 160,000+ actors joining the writers on picket lines across the country. Also this week, a new reform caucus was announced in the ALU, calling for leadership elections. Starbucks workers launched their nationwide organizing bus tour, hitting cities across the country and shutting down stores tom demand Starbucks return to the bargaining table.  The Teamsters have expanded the concept of “flying squadrons” by launching roving pickets across the country demanding recognition of their union drivers. The UAW kicked off the negotiation process with the big three automakers in militant fashion, refusing traditional company niceties. Workers at the Leinenkugel brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin are on strike fighting for a living wage. Finally, we celebrate the union victory of workers at Sega, making Sonic officially a union hedgehog.

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