Ep 168 – The War on Remote Work

Burgerville Workers Support Fund: https://www.gofundme.com/f/defend-burgerville-workers-from-retaliation-fund 

We start this week’s episode with a couple stories about Grindr and Google weaponizing Return to the Office policies against their workers who have been working remotely. We also follow up with the TCGPlayer union, as eBay has refused to recognize their election win. Workers at Burgerville have been locked out after management adopted a radically anti-union posture. This past weekend 30,000 teachers protested horrific working conditions in South Korea. Doctors have struck across Nigeria after criminal neglect of the country’s healthcare system by the capitalist government and its imperialist backers. Grocery workers at Metro in Toronto have been on strike for over a week fighting sub-poverty wages to just be able to afford the food they stock on shelves every day. The Teamsters still have to vote on the deal at UPS, but wins are already inspiring Amazon workers to demand more. Finally, grad workers have made big wins towards forming their union at the University of Maine.

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