Ep 170 – Exploitation Should Be a Crime

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As with any week in the labor movement, this week we’ve got a mixture of good news and less good news. We start on the happier end, with students at Cornell forcing Starbucks off campus after its retaliation against workers. The first massage studio in Florida has unionized, following success by the UFCW in Colorado. Workers at Jacksonville State University are forming a wall to wall union to fight for better than their current $8.25/hr. In less good news, we heard more this week from workers at Tesla and Amazon about the horrific working conditions at both and the way Amazon weaponizes their company “doctors” against workers. Wage theft remains rampant in the US, and a new report shows how much impunity bosses in Texas have. Finally, we discuss a recent LA Times report about the impacts of climate change on the workers who put food on our tables every day.

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