Ep 172 – Throwing Bosses In The Bin

Happy Labor Day to all our listeners! We kick off this week’s show discussing the end of strikes at Wabtec and Leinenkugel, where workers have ratified new contracts after hard fought battles. We also have an update on the negotations between the UAW and the Big 3 automakers with less than 2 weeks until a potential strike. New Jersey Transit engineers voted unanimously to authorize a strike, but are shackled by the Railway Labor Act just like freight workers. Tragically this week yet another worker was killed by heat exhaustion because bosses, this time at Kroger, refuse to provide safe working conditions. VFX workers made another major step forward, as workers at Disney Studios filed this week to join IATSE. Finally, we discuss a recent Labor Notes piece about a creative contract campaign by Maine Ironworkers which won major gains for the workers.

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