Ep 179 – US Supports Slavery and Genocide

This week we have to start with some difficult news. While we do talk about Starbucks Workers United’s statement in support of Palestinian liberation it is in response to Starbucks’ attack on the workers for their stance. We also talk about Israel revoking work permits to people who live in Gaza and the abuses that they perpetrate on the Palestinian people while they are made literally illegal while at work outside Gaza. We then talk about Amazon’s use of a Kafala like system in Saudi Arabia to exploit Nepali, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and other workers with no intent on stopping. Back in the US, OSHA has once again failed to protect workers by giving a cheap fine to a PA chocolate factory responsible for 7 worker deaths. Prime Healthcare workers strike for all of the same reasons healthcare workers across the country have been striking for year, safe staffing levels. In Detroit, 3 Casinos covered by five unions go on strike after being forced to take a major cut at the beginning of the ongoing covid pandemic. In service work, Coffee by Design workers in Maine organize with LIUNA, and Waffle House workers demand $25/hr and better conditions while working with the USSW. We wrap up our reporting this week with an update on the UAW Stand Up Strike at the Big 3 Automakers, how Ford is crying poverty, where negotiations currently are, and Stellantis hiring strike breaking goons.

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