Ep 182 – Internationalism On Display Feat. Maximillian Alvarez

This week we are very happy to to be joined by Maximillian Alvarez Editor in Chief of The Real News Network and host of Working People Podcast. We start with highlighting some of the many brave actions by workers, activists, and unions in solidarity with Palestine in opposition to those complicit and exacerbating the genocide being enacted by Israel. From people blocking weapons ships in Oakland and Tacoma to Italy and commitments to action from unions in Belgium and the UK to solidarity statements in defiance of the AFL-CIO by the APWU. We then get to the TA reached by the Las Vegas Culinary Union which boasts some major gains. In Quebec, Canada 420k public workers strike for one day and vow to strike for longer if their demands are not met. We cover Tesla’s open statement on their intent to break labor law and how workers in Germany and Sweden are showing the company the might of worker power. Starbucks continues to break the law by once again promising raised to only non-union workers and SBWU workers are planning another massive action to fight back against the massive union busting company. In a huge story, SAG-AFTRA has reached a TA after 118 days on strike. We only have a few details at this point but we are excited for this possible major victory. We wrap up the episode celebrating another major union victory for Cornell Grad Students who won their union vote with 96% in favor!

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