Ep 183 – We Win Through Struggle

The whole crew is back together again for another big week of labor news. After our weekly roundup of how workers around the world are standing up for Palestine, we get into a slew of stories about major new contracts. Kaiser Permanente workers ratified their new contract nearly unanimously after their historic three day strike last month. UAW workers at the Big 3 also ratified their new agreements won during the Stand Up Strike, as did the UAW workers at Mack Trucks. We also break down the details on the SAG-AFTRA deal released since last week. Garment workers in Bangladesh have been rising up for weeks now to demand a minimum wage just high enough to actually be able to eat, but have faced severe repression. Starbucks workers launched their biggest strike yet this week, Red Cup Rebellion 2, featuring over 5000 workers nationwide. Finally, 4000 researchers at NYU filed this week to join the UAW.

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