Ep 68 – Sweatshop Shutdown

Every week’s a busy week in the world of Labor, and this one’s no different.  First we follow up with Starbucks Workers’ United (@SBWorkersUnited) and their quest for recognition of their union, as Starbucks management has pulled out all the stops to fight them.  Then we cover several Amazon related stories, from California passing a bill to regulate algorithmic work quotas, to the company’s fake offer of “Free College”, to investigations of discrimination against pregnant workers.  Then we check in on a big recent conference of farmers organizations in India to coordinate the movement against the neoliberal farm laws.  Finally, we discuss a California bill aimed at stopping some of the most egregious labor exploitation in the US, garment workers forced to work in sweatshop conditions in Los Angeles.

More Perfect Union’s Video on the sweatshop conditions:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEid6y3wP0M

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