Ep 96 – Strike Breakin’ Ghost Trucks

Our episode of Work Stoppage starts this week with a reminder that the workers at Amy’s Kitchen have called for a boycott as the company attacks their union efforts.  Our first full story catches up with the Teamsters in Seattle who are now facing attempts by companies to break the strike in the concrete industry by hiring unlabeled “Ghost Trucks” to supply job sites.  Next, Starbucks workers in Denver aren’t waiting for official union recognition to strike against retaliation by the company.  Then, we discuss a recent bill in Florida that would have put new onerous requirements on public unions in an attempt to sap them of resources.  Also this week, in Slovenia 40,000 teachers and other education workers struck to demand living wages and compensation for working through the pandemic.  We also cover recent violence in South Africa, where a leader in the militant Shack Dweller’s Movement was gunned down by armed men connected to the local ruling political party.  Finally, the GMG union held a successful four day strike, the first open ended strike by a digital media outlet, to demand that their healthcare include Trans affirmative care and that their wages keep pace with soaring inflation.

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