Ep 112 – Squire Solidarity

We start this week with some rapid fire follow-ups with workers organizing at Apple, Trader Joe’s and Amazon. Then we discuss the end (for now) of the national strike in Ecuador, what was won, and where it goes from here. Next we check in on the Case New Holland strike, which is going international as UK Case workers have also gone on strike.  Also this week, knights, squires, and falcon-handlers are organizing into a guild at Medieval Times to fight for safer, fairer work conditions.  Airlines took massive bailouts early in the pandemic, then slashed staff and lobbied against covid protections, and now the whole air travel system in this country is messed up.  Workers installing solar fields are doing incredibly important work towards a renewable energy future in the US, but face some of the most atrocious work conditions in the country due to the temporary, contract nature of the work. Finally, as usual, we check in on the Starbucks Workers United campaign, where the company’s illegal retaliation continues, but the union has grown to over 5000 workers strong.

Chicago Starbucks Strike Fund: https://t.co/h7XVJQD7FF 

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