UNLOCKED – Royal Mail Strike Interview

In order to let as many folks as possible hear directly from the workers about the conditions Royal Mail workers are fighting to change, we’ve decided to unlock our full interview from last week! We hope you enjoy the interview, and if you like the show please support us at patreon.com/workstoppage.

Original Description:
We are so excited to be joined this week by Gary Banks, a worker for the British Royal Mail and local union representative for the Communication Workers Union. We discuss the conditions that led to over 100,000 Royal Mail workers to hit the picket lines over the last few months, and how both the workers and the broader public have been hit hard since the privatization of the mail. We talk about the solidarity being built between different unions during the current cost of living crisis, and how workers have supported each others’ strike actions. Finally, we look at the political situation in the UK and how the resurgent union movement can force the changes that the working class desperately needs.

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