Ep 152 – Pay Your Workers!

Dan’s back this week and so that means an avalanche of new labor news stories. We begin by discussing the new massive strike at Rutgers, with over 9000 faculty, post docs, and grad student workers fighting for fair wages and job security. Next we discuss Florida’s latest attempt to destroy public unions. In Syracuse yet another massive union landslide this past week as grad workers voted overwhelmingly to unionize. Service workers in the South staged a one day strike in protest of the region’s refusal to enforce safety protections in industries with a majority Black workforce. School staff at the Rhode Island School of Design struck this week, fighting for $20/hr at a school that charges $77k/year.  Unfortunately we have another story of union busting from Planned Parenthood in the Midwest, this time involving illegal surveillance of the union’s bargaining team. Finally, we congratulate workers in New Jersey (also at Rutgers!) on filing for the first union at Barnes and Noble in the country.

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