EP 48 – Strike Breaking Soldier Scabs w/ Ethan (Invent the Future/Red Game Table)

This week’s episode has a bit of a shuffle as John is busy moving, but Lina and Dan were lucky enough to be joined by special guest Ethan from Invent the Future and Red Game Table!  We start out with a follow-up on the uprising currently happening in Colombia, then move to the governor of Connecticut calling out the National Guard to act as scabs to break a potential strike at nursing homes. Next we discuss an upcoming McDonald’s strike on May 19 for $15/hr, Amazon drivers being forced to choose between driving safely and keeping their jobs, and the nationwide push by the ruling class to end unemployment benefits to force people to work for less than a living wage.  We close out covering workers quitting a Maine Dollar General and calling to overthrow capitalism on the way out. As mentioned during the meme review, 

Gaza Fights For Freedom is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnZSaKYmP2s

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Ethan (@utopologist) co-hosts Invent the Future (@proletarianinfo) and GMs Red Game Table (@RedGameTable)

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